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Gues the emoji fun game

​“Guess the Emoji” has you do pretty much exactly what you think you would: guess the meaning of strings of emoji.  Sometimes the questions are essentially a “say what you see” puzzle — a flag and a ship become “flagship”

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Kenya continually celebrates the resurrection of what was a decomposing corpse

Kenyans have stormed streets and on Twitter to celebrate 35 days after the resurection of mama Rosa

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kenya to represent africa in Technovation contest after 5 girls invent an FGM App

5 kenyan girls invent an FGM App – fly to Google for a technovation contest

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Infinix note 4 X572 features and specifications

Run two apps on a single screen simultaneously using the new xos feature

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List of latest infinix phones in 2017

Infinix has almost become a household name thanks to infinix mobility- the company behind the sleek powerfull large display and cost friendly phones. Each year the company works day and night to ensure upto date gadgets come to market shelves

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How snake xenzia game in nokia 3310 used to be played (vedio).

You remember the days when a phone was a show of eminence, men and women made long queues to share a mobile, lack of recreational apps on phones & if any the phone was costly to go by; then most

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Infinix zero 4 plus X602 features and specifications 

Infinix zero 4 comes in two models as the first one we already dicussed and so now here we bring the X 602; infinix zero 4 plus. We can actually say that this is the reall upgrade of zero 3 as it comes with almost everything the X552 boasts

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Infinix zero 4 X555 features and specifications 

Infinix Zero 4 (X555) is the latest upgrade of the zero 3. Though it got some specifications downgraded compared to its predecessor – the tagged price equals the sleek X555 . On the other hand zero 4 plus becomes the exact upgrade of zero 3 in the

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Upgrade from selfie to wefie using Infinix S2 pro X522

Now you got all it takes to be generous with your memories. I mean, with an increased viewing angle on the front camera you can do a group photo with less efforts of arm stretching to increase the viewing angle.

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wonderful moment at your finger tip using infinix hot S X521

Is there a medium sized infinix phone with latest xOS, elegant look and powerful specs? If you are the kind of those who ask this question then search no more- infinix mobi is really at seeing your interests gratified as

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