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Top 5 SDcard brands to go for to expand your phone’s memory

Having tested for a while now memorycards, TiJei pleasures to recommend endeared clients these brands.  However, ‘good’ is not only limited to the ones listed below but also some few more coming on an updated list. Also read: factors to consider before buying a memory

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Factors to consider before buying Memory cards online in kenya

When shopping for the right memory card, there are a few factors you need to consider.  Also read: telegram fined and threaten being banned -Oops! One is Memory card compatibility, not all cards work with all phones,there are different sizes of memorycards such as

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Telegram fined & threaten being banned – Oops

The free instant messaging app, which lets people exchange messages, photos and videos in groups of up to 5,000 people, has attracted about 100 million users since its launch in 2013.

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Most popular tech news – today .

Twitter is proud to empower and support the voices on our platform, especially those that speak truth to power,” the company said in a tweet after it had restored McGowan’s account.

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Half of Japanese & American teens are addicted to smart phones – reseachers reveal

About 7-in-10 American teens said they felt a need to react quickly to mobile messages, compared to about half of Japanese teens.

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This is the key reason why technology can just never replace mankind -Jack Ma

People are getting more worried about the future, about technology replacing humans, eliminating jobs and widening the gap 

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New features in telegram; location sharing is one of the updates

Telegram just unveiled an update version of its app now telegram 4.4. The version comes with lots of good for telegram endeared users to boast having an account with this social app. Among the new features is a new media

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watch this truck pull a 200Ft wind turbine at a 90 degree bend on a narrow road

A video posted last week to Facebook showed Scottish transport company McFadyens trying to maneuver a 198-foot wind turbine blade on a trailer around a 90-degree turn on a tiny road in the Scottish Highlands.  Also read: groups start campaign to advocate for the

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Drone hang on magnetic ropes to help stabilize

Researchers at Imperial College London’s Aerial Robotics Laboratory are working on creating the SpiderMAV, a drone with a built-in rope gun that shoots out magnetic connectors Also read: Hanson robotics to create human like robots for a better future The magnets

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Groups start campaign to advocate for the good of using autonomous vehicles.

Alphabet Inc’s self-driving car unit Waymo and several groups are launching a campaign aimed at convincing skeptical Americans of what they say is the value and safety of driverless cars, as Congress considers how it will regulate the technology. The

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