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shock as ‘man’ is transfigured & glorified in broad daylight!!!

All this vocabularies I perceive that at least they came to be formed after an incidence accruing so there is no fiction in the word transfigure or possibly it would be- who knows? Also read: “prepare to leave planet earth” says

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Get to see the top home made inventions in 2017-number six is an easy one you also can make it -video

Did you know that you can improvise a car…!! boat carrier to the shores..!! tractor plough – forget the oxen one it’s sucking tiresome and strenuous using! A chicken feeder and a concrete mixer…?! Also read: beautiful and smart robot jia

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It should be called a fortune. Most feel on a random choice of  number seven should be screamed out. Also read: A narrow escape for a motorist in Alexandria- video  According to Alex Bellos a maths bl0gger after a sensitive analysis which involved

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beautiful & smart robot jia jia reports for a Chinese news agency – video

Robots have come a long way even as scientist continually struggle to attain sophisticated humanoids. With the existence of this AI machines then obviously job security in most sectors is becoming wanting however at least not for journalists…! Also read: bad news to migrant

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bad news to migrant wokers as farmers replace them with robots

At one point in time both developed and developing nations had or will have to migrate from analogue to digital technology (systems) however with this changes in place obviously merits and demerits are recorded. Also read: a synopsis on development of

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A Narrow Escape For a Motorcyclist in Alexandria-video

It was make or break for the Motorcyclist at the Alexandria drive when the unexpected happened. Also read: use your smartphone and test your fertility in seconds privately Courtesy photo A group of Motorists had just passed a deer-road-sign  when a

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Residents angered as city officials opt for gravel roads to cut on repaving costs.

As economic gears switch, countries and municipalities are opting for economically ‘healthy’ options which could ensure a stability in reign even as the leadership ensure a development for the citizens – to the citizen. Also read: this undershirt can detect sleep

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How snake xenzia game in nokia 3310 used to be played (vedio).

You remember the days when a phone was a show of eminence, men and women made long queues to share a mobile, lack of recreational apps on phones & if any the phone was costly to go by; then most

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