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Women in kenya stand proud on #WITBragDay & they do not regret at all

Women in Technology have played a huge role in the development of technology and tech – enabled solutions globally.  Also read: Kenya to represent Africa in technovation contest after five girls invent FGM App There are several challenges in the space

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Man found hanging in Nairobi CBD

An unidentified man committed suicide Sunday evening, 13.Aug.17, by hanging himself on a tree in the CBD along Moi Avenue, Nairobi. Also read: controversial bishop Deya to remain in custody The motive of the suicide was not immediately established as no suicide note was

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Controversial bishop Deya to remain in custody

Bishop Deya who was deported back to Kenya seven days ago (3rd Aug.17) to face charges on child trafficking will still be detained at kamiti maximum prison. ​In a ruling issued on Friday, the court ruled that Deya should remain in custody as

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Televangelist deported to Kenya over human trafficking 

Controversial Bishop and Evangelist Gilbert Deya has been extradited to Kenya to face charges of child trafficking The Bishop arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport today at 5 am under tight security and in handcuffs accompanied by security personnel from the United Kingdom (UK).

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Robocup 2017 – top prize taken by Chinese robotic arm.

When it comes to designing robots with dextrous digits, you’ve got to hand it to the Chinese, especially now that a local university has picked up a major prize at an international design competition. Developed by the WrightEagle team from

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South Korea telecomunication develops a “non-hackable” security chip

SK Telecom has developed the world’s smallest “non-hackable” security chip that can be widely used for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, drones and the internet of things (IoT). Also read: hacker unlocks smart fun using 3 magnets and calls it

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Hacker uses three magnets to unlock a smart gun &  calls it immature!

As gun violence rates continue to rise, some safety advocates have turned to technology to help solve tragedies like shooting accidents and stolen weapons.  Also read: team Burundi is untraced after the international robotics cremony in USA The latest answer has been a

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Team Burundi is untraced after the international robotics ceremony in USA

The three-day event held on July 16th, 2017 in Washington DC, USA saw over 160 national teams participate and among those teams was a group of 6 students from Burundi and their mentor. Also read: kenya to represent Africa in technovation competition after

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Kenya continually celebrates the resurrection of what was a decomposing corpse

Kenyans have stormed streets and on Twitter to celebrate 35 days after the resurection of mama Rosa

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kenya to represent africa in Technovation contest after 5 girls invent an FGM App

5 kenyan girls invent an FGM App – fly to Google for a technovation contest

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