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Top 5 SDcard brands to go for to expand your phone’s memory

Having tested for a while now memorycards, TiJei pleasures to recommend endeared clients these brands.  However, ‘good’ is not only limited to the ones listed below but also some few more coming on an updated list. Also read: factors to consider before buying a memory

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Factors to consider before buying Memory cards online in kenya

When shopping for the right memory card, there are a few factors you need to consider.  Also read: telegram fined and threaten being banned -Oops! One is Memory card compatibility, not all cards work with all phones,there are different sizes of memorycards such as

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Half of Japanese & American teens are addicted to smart phones – reseachers reveal

About 7-in-10 American teens said they felt a need to react quickly to mobile messages, compared to about half of Japanese teens.

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Tired of spending extra cents on tech? get these tech gadgets at subsidized prices.

Getting digital is a wish of many if not all however, many hopes have been delayed from being realized because of high costs of tech gadgets such as Apple series 3 Here i bring you a list of must have gadgets

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Leave your phone behind & still make calls using the new Apple series 3 watch

The Apple Watch Series 3 brings a number of important improvements over its predecessors, headed by optional cellular network connectivity.  See offers from Jumia international  See offers from kilimall international The highly anticipated feature enables the watch to make calls, send messages,

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Infinix note 4 X572 features and specifications

Run two apps on a single screen simultaneously using the new xos feature

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List of latest infinix phones in 2017

Infinix has almost become a household name thanks to infinix mobility- the company behind the sleek powerfull large display and cost friendly phones. Each year the company works day and night to ensure upto date gadgets come to market shelves

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How snake xenzia game in nokia 3310 used to be played (vedio).

You remember the days when a phone was a show of eminence, men and women made long queues to share a mobile, lack of recreational apps on phones & if any the phone was costly to go by; then most

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Infinix zero 4 plus X602 features and specifications 

Infinix zero 4 comes in two models as the first one we already dicussed and so now here we bring the X 602; infinix zero 4 plus. We can actually say that this is the reall upgrade of zero 3 as it comes with almost everything the X552 boasts

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Infinix zero 4 X555 features and specifications 

Infinix Zero 4 (X555) is the latest upgrade of the zero 3. Though it got some specifications downgraded compared to its predecessor – the tagged price equals the sleek X555 . On the other hand zero 4 plus becomes the exact upgrade of zero 3 in the

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