How to delete rows-columns-cells-table in Microsoft word document

To delete a table, rows, columns, or a cell 

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  •  Select the row, column or cell to be deleted.
  • Click layout ribbon
  • Identify rows & columns panel then click on delete icon. 
  • From the drop down list click an appropriate option.

NB: To select a row – position the mouse pointer on the left side of the row (notice it turns into a dark arrow) then click

To select a column – position the mouse pointer at the top of the column (notice it turns into a dark arrow) then click

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To select a cell – drag across the cells or simply click on the cell’s boarder.

To select a table – position the pointer at the top left corner of the table (notice an arrowed cross, point on it) then click. The cross is also used to move the table within the work area 


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