Spelling and grammar checker

This is an inbuilt grammar tool used to correct grammar errors and incorrect sentence structures. Before using this tool first proofread your document since the tool have some drawbacks such as:

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  1. A correctly spelt word used wrongly is not detected.
  2. A correctly spelt word that is not in the custom dictionary is detected as wrong.

To start using this tool: 

  • open the document you want to edit.
  • Display the spelling and grammar checker dialogue box. Words that do not match in the custom dictionary are highlighted in red /green within the not in dictonary pane -the lower pane  suggests a list of possibly correct words.

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Click either of the following commands to perform the necessary changes within your document:

  • Click on change to correct only the highlighted incorrect word.
  • Click on change all to correct all the occurence of the highlighted incorrect word.
  • Click ignore once to retain the highlighted word and continue
  • Click ignore all to retain all the occurence of the highlighted word.
  • Click Add to dictionary to add the highlighted word into the custom dictionary
  • Click Autocorrect to allow the tool to use the assumingly correct word. 

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