Types of special types of Rom memories

Read only memory is a type of memory that allows a user only to read or retrieve data from it using drives however, special types of ROM allow editing of data that has been stored on it. 

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Depending on permanence of the instructions or data written on it. There are four types of read only memory namely: 

  1. Mask read only memory. (MROM)
  2. Programable read only memory. (PROM)
  3. Erasable programable read only memory.(EPROM)
  4. Electrically erasable programable read only memory. (EEPROM)
  • M-ROM 

This is a type ROM that allows writing of contents on it only once and the data can not be changed once written. 

  • PROM 

PROM allows the user to alter its contents only once after the data has been written on it.


This type of ROM allows erasing of its contents by exposing it to ultra violet (UV) light and then reprogrammed using the same type of technology.


It allows erasing and reprogramming using electricity. An example of EEPROM is the BIOS. 


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