Characteristics and the advantages of ROM memory

Computer memory/ storage which is usually measured in a special unit known as bytes, can be classified into two, ROM and RAM. 

Rom is an important type of memory since computers run effectively depending on the permanent instructions written on it and how much more capacity of it is free. 

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This a type of memory that allows users to only read/ retrieve data from it but can not write on it unless it is a special type of ROM. 

The word ROM is an acronym for Read Only Memory. This type of memory is commonly used to store permanent instructions in a computer such as the booting instructions.

Characteristics of ROM

  1. Store permanent data called firmware except for special types of ROM that allow reprogramming.
  2. Data is not lost when power is lost.(involatile)
  3. Ones data is stored, one can only retrieve it  but can not edit it except if it was written on a  special type of ROM.

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    Advantages of ROM. 

    • Can store data for long periods of time. 
    • Information stored on it can not be tampered with unless for the special types of ROM.
    • Preferred memory to be used in special purpose computer. 

      View some of the special types of ROM by clicking here


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