A guide to quickly install a hard disk (HDD)

Hard disks can either be internal or external storage media. If external it is connected to the computer via a high speed USB cable and port but if it is an internal hdd then it is mounted on the mother board using connectors known as controllers

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The three types of controller are:

  1. Serial Advanced Technology Attatchment (SATA)
  2. Enhanced Intergrated Drive Electronics (EIDE)
  3. Small Computer System interface (SCSI)

EIDE & SATA are commonly used on PCs while SCSI are used on servers. SATA is an improvement on previous developments which now allows hot swapping (ability for a drive to be removed while the computer is still on). 

Each EIDE controller supports up to two drives on a single ribbon cable. This type of setup is known as master and slave configuration.

To mount an EIDE hdd then:

  • determine which drive will be the master and use the drive label information to determine which jumper settings to use for a master or slave.
  • Check for an available free drive bay then slide the disk ito the bay then screw it into place.
  • Connect the free power connector; notice that it is designed to fit in socket in only one direction.
  • Identify pin-1 as labelled on the drives socket and match it with the red continuous line of the ribbon cable. Most cables will only fit in one direction.
  • Connect the interface cable to the drive then into the controller sltot on the notes board. 
  • If the installation is complete replace the casing.

    Structure of the harddisk 


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