Where running computer programs are hosted .

Computer working memory is where all active programs are anchored. It is because this memory allows continuity in reading, changing and removal of data. 

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Commonly refered to as Random Access Memory (RAM) is directly accessed by the microprocessor and its contents are retrieved without a specified sequence.
Ones the computer goes of, its data is lost unless an automated backup was put in place.

Above is RAM chip

RAM could be dynamic as in has its contents leak away even when connected to constant power or it could also be static.

Special types of RAM such as the static RAM is used to enhance the processing speed of the microprocessor when built inside other memories called cache. 

To ensure a good performance of programs then have a computer RAM freed from many active programs.

Still you could increase the efficiency of system performance by installing a higher capacity Read Only Memory since the inactive tasks are held here before being called for processing.

above is a ROM chip


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