An introduction to computers

With the high demand of computer usage in offices and homes for various purposes including freelancing; many organisations, freelancing sites and companies demand that one should acquire computer skills for a good interface.

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An interface is the ability for any computer user to interact with his/ her computer.

Sometimes individuals fail to know what are the entails of this sub unit called introduction to computers!

What introduction to computer covers.

Like any other discipline in learning paradigm, a foundation must be laid when it comes to learning computers so that at least one gets a stepping stone or rather a place to call a starting point.

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It is through this introduction that when well covered, the learner will easily refer to some concepts while interacting with the computer.

an introductory discose on computers would cover:

  1. Classifications of computers
  2. History of computers
  3. Hardware & interface
  4. Software
  5. Operating systems
  6. Networks
  7. Booting processes
  8. Mouse & keyboard operations

after learning the above theory, basic practical activities follows where simple operations such as 

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    well I could sum this up by saying that to learn basics in computer, it is advisable you learn the introduction before you embark on application programs’ usage.

    It widens your understanding of computer and also creates confidence in you as you use the machine.

    Not only shall we discus computer litracy, but also bring you technological updates and reviews on products just in time for you to make a solemn decision. 

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